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Your search for application development services ends here. OG offers cost effective, state of the art in web development, Mobile application and Software services that suits your business requirements.

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Apps Development

Expertise in developing mobile application development for all Native platforms and including cross platform .Do you have the best mobile app idea in the world? We will make your dreams come true?

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Web Development

Our Multi-Skilled team of developers always delivers best-practice web development solutions. We'll help you ensure the system you choose is aligned to unique business needs.

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Apps Development

HTML5 is a promising platform power-packed with a collection of technologies and API for developing. HTML5 Development. Our tech-savvy developers create interactive websites and even feature-rich mobile apps

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Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration and Merchant Account set-up is simple and easy, as a customer you just provide your information and we take care of the rest. A nice and easy way to accept payments online.

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Frame Works
Opensource Development

We are very pleased to offer High-performance component-based & Customized PHP Open source frameworks such as Cake PHP's framework, CodeIgniter Framework, Symfony Development framework along with MVC Development architecture.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our experiences SEO consultants will develop an SEO strategy that boost your business and strengthens your brand through organic search traffic. Our SEO methodology ensures we cost- effectively.

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Web Design and Development

Web Design & Development

We are able to design and develop better applicationss.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

All our apps are 100% compatible with all smart phones and tablets.

Product Development
Product Development

Buy and compare ready-to-use and applications in our products page.

Web Application Development

Web Application Development


WordPress is an open source web tool and a publishing platform fuelled with PHP and MySQL, which allows creating exclusive dynamic websites and blog sites. Powered by many unique features and plug-in architecture, along with a template system; WordPress also has the flexibility to customise itself into a content management system (CMS). WordPress customisation has earned the competency as the most admired blog engine and is used extensively empowering over 14% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites. WordPress customisation has turn out to be the preferred choice of over 25 million people, across the world including India. It gives seamless benefits, primarily effortlessness in custom and system, flexibility, huge choice of plug-ins and much more.

WordPress Customisation in India with Official Gates

As a web design and web development company based in Chennai, India, with over 7 years of industry experience, we've gained the percipience on open source . This amalgamation on both the technologies allows us to deliver quality solutions in various domains, including WordPress customisation.

We understand our client's shrewd needs of WordPress customisation and with our core mastery in web design in India, we anchorage a perfect solution over WordPress, shaping the exact structure that our client's always wanted. We've successfully delivered some of the best solutions for customisable blog sites, WordPress themes, website designing and custom CMS via WordPress customisation.

Our WordPress Development and WordPress Customisation Services in India include:

  • WordPress Integration.
  • WordPress themes customisation.
  • Custom web layouts and graphic headers.
  • SEO friendly template and contents.
  • RSS integration with ping notifications.
  • Integration of social bookmarking sites, which works best for social media optimisation.
  • RSS and ping notifications
  • Integration of web statistics, along with customisation feature.
  • Spam filtering.

Benefits of WordPress Development and WordPress Customization @ Official Gates

  • Makes it easier to post content, images and videos.
  • Complete flexibility in terms with different color scheme, allowing you to give the professional look to your website that you are seeking for.
  • Excellent page loading speed.
  • Integration of admin panel, and based on MySQL; ensures that your website remains safe and secure.
  • Based on PHP, which ensures quick deployment and flexibility.
  • Features such as custom menu management and much more.
  • Range of customise themes and plugins, which makes the website more appealing.
  • Easy to create and customise theme.
  • Serves as a best tool for designing blog sites.
  • Could be customise and convert into a complete CMS solution.
  • Has earned the competency as the most admired blog engine.
  • Seamless plugins, add-ons, themes, etc.
  • And much more...

Solutions with WordPress Development at Official Gates

With the launch of WordPress in 2003, it soon earned the spot as the most preferred blog tool. Incorporated with seamless benefits and functionalities, WordPress is able to craft almost every solution in web design, web development and web application development with its CMS feature. Our solutions in WordPress development in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, Australia include:

  • Blog Site
  • Custom CMS development
  • Corporate websites
  • Online stores
  • And much more...

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PHP MySQL Development

As a programming language, PHP allows the web developers to create dynamic web contents which can interact with databases. It is an open source, HTML centric, interpretive, server side scripting language, which works best for web development and web applications development that can be embedded into HTML pages. Furthermore, PHP is one of the oldest scripting languages and is used by over 20 million websites.

On the other hand MySQL (pronounced as "My Sequel") is an open source relational database management system (RDMS), which runs as a server providing multi-user access to various databases. It uses Structured Query Language (SQL) that is widely used language for transactions such as adding, accessing and processing of data in the database. MySQL is used for web applications and for embedded applications and has become a popular alternative to proprietary database systems because of its speed and reliability. In fact, there are various applications which use MySQL databases. This includes, Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, Drupal and several other software built on the open source software stack. MySQL has also played an important role in many high-profile websites including Wikipedia, Google (not for searches though) and Facebook.

Together, PHP MySQL development is used for the developing dynamic database driven webpages and web application development.

Benefits of PHP MySQL Development

  • PHP works as a great tool providing excellent solutions in web development and web application development.
  • PHP language style is similar to that of C and java, and combines many features of C and Perl, but in a simple yet easy-to-read format.
  • PHP proves to be cost effective in providing robust, reliable, fast and secure solutions in web applications.
  • PHP is easier to maintain and update. These updates and maintenance work could also be done using SVN or repository.
  • PHP, based on the open source platform offers exceptional connectivity with some of the most common databases such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, ODBC and others.
  • MySQL is the most popular online database and can be cross-linked with PHP very well.
  • PHP and MySQL are the most preferred choice for webmasters looking to automate their websites.
  • MySQL serves as a back-end tool to PHP.
  • MySQL is used with PHP as back-end tool. MySQL is the popular online database and can be interfaced very well with PHP. Therefore, PHP and MySQL are excellent choice for webmasters looking to automate their web sites.
  • MySQL is compatible with different computing platforms including UNIX platforms, Windows NT/ 2000, Windows Server 2008 and others.
  • PHP and MySQL require no licences. As GNU / Open source licence is sufficient, hence no proprietary laws are applied.

PHP MySQL Development in India with Official Gates

As a web designing and web development company based in Chennai, India, at Official Gates we are equipped with unique coding standards, along with skilled developers which enable us to gain the thorough expertise in PHP MySQL development. These compelled knowledge and skilled team of developers has led us to manoeuvre our way in delivering quality solutions for some of the most mission-critical requirements of PHP MySQL development for our clients all over the world. We´ve the vast experience in providing solutions for web application development based on PHP and MySQL development. With the amalgam of PHP and MySQL we are able to develop and deploy distinguished dynamic database driven webpages and web based applications.

In fact, there has always been the continual demand of PHP MySQL development in the web design and web development market of India and all across the world. Encircling these requirements, at Official Gates we provide on time delivery of the project at attractive rates, along with efficient and effective coding style. We have on hand experience of ecommerce websites, OOPS knowledge base, CRM development in PHP and MySQL, and many more. This experience allows us to develop your industry and business specific solutions in PHP MySQL development.

Our pool of professional developers is not only skilled but also thrives to provide you innovative solutions based on PHP and MySQL. With our PHP MySQL development services in India, we strive to provide you something new and unique, allowing you lead the chain by providing quality and cutting-edge services, at affordable rates.

Solutions with PHP MySQL Development

  • Social networking site
  • CMS websites
  • Online Catalogs
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • And several others

PHP MySQL Development Services @ Official Gates

  • PHP MySQL programming
  • PHP MySQL web development
  • PHP MySQL web based software development
  • PHP MySQL web application development
  • Dedicated PHP MySQL developers
  • Ecommerce development based on PHP MySQL
  • Multilingual site development using PHP and MySQL

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Joomla is an open source content management system used for uploading contents on the World Wide Web, and for the purposes of web development, along with powerful web applications. Joomla is written in PHP and uses object oriented programming (OOP) techniques and software design patterns. It stores data in MySQL server database and is incorporated with Model View Controller (MVC) web application framework. PHP allows joomla to deliver quick deployment of dynamic webpages; MySQL allows joomla to deliver safe and secure solutions, and MVC based web application framework allows joomla to deliver web-based applications. Its primary features includes page caching, search engine friendly contents, news flashes, blogs, RSS feeds, polls, printable versions of pages and multilingual support, along with various payment gateways.

Joomla development allows the developer built websites, custom CMS and web-based applications. Furthermore, joomla has the facility of add-on which gives more flexibility to the developers by allowing them to configure Joomla. This allows joomla to be easily integrated as and when required. Joomla is also equipped with customer pleasant executive system which allows the client to modify the contents and the outlines. As a development framework, Joomla always exceeds the expectation of the websites and the applications.

Advantages of Joomla Development

  • Open source content management system.
  • MVC based web application framework.
  • Stores data in MySQL, which provides data safety and security.
  • Search engine friendly website development.
  • Integrated with several features such as page caching, news flashes, blogs, RSS feeds, polls, multilingual support, payment gateways, etc.
  • Availability of numerous themes, plugins, add-ons etc.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • And much more...

Joomla Development in India with Official Gates

Industries and businesses in Australia are always seeking out for solutions via custom CMS development. Encircling these requirements of our clients, at Official Gates we've delivered quality solutions in custom CMS development with our joomla development services in India. As a web design and web development company based in India, we have the acquaintance on both open source and Microsoft technologies. We understand that as a CMS, joomla development is an excellent platform which allows an individual to manage the website without any technical knowledge. Skilled with every corner stone of joomla development, we ensure to deliver quality solutions best matching our client's suppleness and convenience, allowing them to administer their websites on their own.

Official Gates Joomla Development Competency in India

  • Custom module development for Joomla
  • Custom design templates
  • Custom components development
  • Design integration
  • Maintenance work of Joomla portals
  • Enhancing and updating your existing joomla website

Solutions via Joomla Development

  • Custom CMS development
  • Ecommerce websites and online web store using Joomla
  • Document management services via Joomla
  • Photo and streaming video gallery
  • Community and social networking portals
  • News portal
  • Joomla template development
  • Custom coding for any type of Joomla portal
  • Online reservations
  • Online catalogues
  • Web Applications
  • Corporate intranet and extranets
  • Online newspapers, publications and magazines
  • Robust and dynamic websites
  • And much more...

Official Gates has years of experience in creating and implementing Web Application development Services. If you have a Web Application development project you want to get developed, feel free to contact us. You can browse detail about Our Offshore Web Application development Projects as well to see if we fit into your idea of an Offshore IT Solutions Partner.

To discuss about our Web Application Development, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on or call +91 98412 99222

Other Services
  • Open Source Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Html5 Application Development
  • Cross Platform Application
  • Content Management System
  • Social Networking Application
  • Web Application Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Payment Gateway Integration