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Apps Development

Expertise in developing mobile application development for all Native platforms and including cross platform .Do you have the best mobile app idea in the world? We will make your dreams come true?

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Web Development

Our Multi-Skilled team of developers always delivers best-practice web development solutions. We'll help you ensure the system you choose is aligned to unique business needs.

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Apps Development

HTML5 is a promising platform power-packed with a collection of technologies and API for developing. HTML5 Development. Our tech-savvy developers create interactive websites and even feature-rich mobile apps

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Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration and Merchant Account set-up is simple and easy, as a customer you just provide your information and we take care of the rest. A nice and easy way to accept payments online.

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Frame Works
Opensource Development

We are very pleased to offer High-performance component-based & Customized PHP Open source frameworks such as Cake PHP's framework, CodeIgniter Framework, Symfony Development framework along with MVC Development architecture.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our experiences SEO consultants will develop an SEO strategy that boost your business and strengthens your brand through organic search traffic. Our SEO methodology ensures we cost- effectively.

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Web Design and Development

Web Design & Development

We are able to design and develop better applicationss.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

All our apps are 100% compatible with all smart phones and tablets.

Product Development
Product Development

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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal is now able to offer you a secure and affordable solution for accepting payments online.

PayPal offers a variety of payment options.
More payment options means more sales. Add credibility and trust to your site when you add PayPal. Set-up is a snap, processing costs are low, and PayPal gives you access to over 100 million active online buyers who look for the PayPal way to pay! Millions of successful retailers add PayPal to streamline checkout and boost sales.
Once you have setup your PayPal account, all you would need is the API tokens and signature codes, and you can start accepting online sales in minutes.
Below are the PayPal solutions that are supported out of the box with any e-commerce platform/solution AT Integrated, Inc. is offering:

Express Checkout

  • Lets over 150 million PayPal users checkout in 3 easy clicks.
  • Online shoppers love the convenience and security paying with PayPal
  • Businesses reported a 14%* average increase in sales after adding Express Checkout in a PayPal survey of 100 merchants
  • Now optimized for Mobile Checkout
  • Learn more about Express Checkout
  • Watch the Express Checkout Product Demo

Website Payments Standard

  • Buyers don't need a PayPal account
  • Major credit cards are accepted
  • No setup charge or monthly fees
  • Learn more about Website Payments Standard
  • Watchthe Website Payments Standard Product Demo

Website Payments Pro

Website Payments Pro is an all-inclusive solution that allows to process credit cards quickly, simply, and affordably – directly on your website. There are no hidden fees, no long-term commitments, and no monthly minimums.
With Website Payments Pro you get: An Internet Merchant Account

  • Ability to accept credit card payments directly
  • Supports authorization in multiple currencies
  • Real-time settlement of all payment types to their PayPal account

A Payment Gateway

  • Flexible API solution that transmits payment data to PayPal
  • Access to PayPal's back-end system for authorization of credit card and PayPal payments

Express Checkout

  • Increase incremental sales
  • Offers web shoppers more ways to pay

Learn more about Website Payments Pro
Watch the Website Payments Pro Product Demo

Payflow Gateway

Payflow is a reliable and secure payment gateway that includes everything you need to connect your online business to your Internet merchant account using any major processor.

  • Easy to integrate
  • In addition to online payments, merchants can use Payflow for in-person (swipe), phone, fax, and mail payments
  • Works with almost any merchant account, bank, and processor so you can avoid the inconvenience of changing your gateway if you ever change your bank
  • Trusted by businesses, banks, and online shoppers
  • No long-term commitments or monthly minimums
  • Learn more about the Payflow Gateway
  • Watch the Payflow Gateway Product Demo

Setup Your Payflow Pro with PayPal

The Payflow gateways include everything you need to connect your online business to your Internet merchant account using any major processor. Payflow provides a reliable, secure connection that's already integrated to work with your AT Integrated e-commerce solution.

You can also add-on services including Fraud Protection Services and Recurring Billing Services.

Follow these instructions to set up your chosen Payflow Gateway.

  • Go to PayPal to register for Payflow and create your login and password for PayPal Manager access.
  • Upon successful completion, you'll receive confirmation that you are enrolled in a new Payflow Service. Check your email for important instruction details.
  • Log in to PayPal Manager at to complete the Payflow configuration, test integration, and activate your account. You'll need the Partner ID: ATIntegrated and the login and password you created upon registration. PayPal Manager is the central place where you will manage your Payflow transactions.

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Integration

Connecting a Web site to the payment processing networks is exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online merchants. Instead, merchants can easily connect to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Authorize.Net manages the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, Authorize.Net uses the Internet instead of a phone line. See our credit card processing diagram.

Credit Card Processing Diagram

credit card

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is available 24/7 for processing transactions. We also offer a number of value-adding services to assist merchants in managing their businesses and protecting themselves from fraud. Additionally, the free, Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal can be added to a merchant's Web site to help build consumer confidence.

Merchants log into a secure Web site called the Merchant Interface to manage their transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, generate reports and more. Since the payment gateway is a browser-based, hosted solution, there is no software to install or maintain.

Typical service fees—setup, monthly, and per- transaction—are determined by our resellers. See our pricing page for more information.

The payment gateway offers many features and options that can be tailored to specific merchant business models. To learn more about how the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can support your particular business, please visit one of the following pages:

Amazon Payment Gateway Integration

What Is Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS)?

Amazon Flexible Payments Service™ (Amazon FPS) is the first payments service designed from the ground up for developers. This set of web service APIs differs from other Amazon Payments products such as Amazon Simple Pay and Checkout by Amazon because it allows the development of highly customized payment solutions for a variety of businesses. Amazon FPS is built on top of Amazon's reliable and scalable payments infrastructure, and it provides developers with a convenient way to charge the tens of millions of Amazon customers (with their permission, of course!). Amazon customers can pay using the same login credentials, shipping address, and payment information they already have on file with Amazon.

What Can I Do with Amazon FPS?

Amazon FPS offers an extensive feature set for your use cases.

  • Amazon FPS Basic Quick Start allows you to enable payments for e-commerce, digital content, donations, services or other similar one-time use cases. Basic Quick Start gives you the flexibility to charge consumers once they return to the website after confirming payment.
  • Enable marketplace functionality with Amazon FPS Marketplace Quick Start. With a unique three-party transaction model, payments can be processed in which you are neither the buyer nor the seller. You can charge a fee for such transactions.
  • Perform multiple or recurring payments in your application using our Amazon FPS Advanced Quick Start.
  • Aggregate micro-transactions into a single, larger transaction using Prepaid and Postpaid capabilities with our Amazon FPS Aggregated Payments Quick Start.
  • Programmatically access account activity using the Amazon FPS Account Management Quick Start. Alternatively, you can view account activity and balances on the Amazon Payments website.
  • Multiple payment methods: Amazon FPS supports the processing of payments using credit cards, bank accounts and Amazon Payments account balances to send or receive money.

How Can I Get Started with Amazon FPS?

Amazon FPS provides a functional testing environment (the Sandbox) you can use to build and test your application. To sign up for the Sandbox, click the "Enter the Sandbox" link on the Amazon FPS detail page. After signing up for the Sandbox, please refer to the Amazon FPS Getting Started Guide in the Resource Center. Once you are ready to launch, sign up for production Amazon FPS by clicking the "Sign up for this Service" button on the Amazon FPS detail page. Amazon FPS registration is available for all developers with a U.S. address.

How can I integrate and test with FPS before I launch my application?

Amazon FPS provides a fully functional testing environment (the Sandbox) you can use to build and test applications or services without transacting real money or incurring transaction charges. Access to the Sandbox is open to all developers with an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. The Amazon FPS Resource Center contains code samples and sample applications to help you get started quickly.

I Am a Current Customer of FPS -- What's Changed?

As we make Amazon FPS generally available, we have enhanced the service based on feedback from the developer community. As part of this update, we have packaged our offering based on use cases to make it easier for you to access information. We have simplified our API without losing functionality. And we have also simplified our documentation and SDKs and have added more sample code. You can reduce the code at your end by integrating with the latest version of Amazon FPS and reduce operational overhead of managing code at your end. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • You don't have to use InstallPaymentInstruction API to create Caller and Recipient tokens for your account. A Recipient token is now required only in Marketplace applications. We have completely removed the Caller token.
  • We removed parameters that are not being used by you today. For example, we removed metadata and recipient description, but we retained sender description and caller description.
  • We simplified the transaction response object.
  • We simplified the GetTransaction response by removing unnecessary parameters.
  • By default, implicit retry and cancel will be the method used to handle temporary declines rather than the current explicit retry process.
  • GetResults, Discard Results are replaced with GetTransactionStatus API.
  • Temporary decline status is not exposed to customers as we provide a simpler way to handle this status.
  • Web Service notification is removed and replaced with simplified IPN (Instant Payment Notification) mechanism.

Google Payment Gateway Integration

Increase online sales using Google Wallet

New! Google Checkout is now Google Wallet for buyers. Google Wallet is a fast, secure checkout process that helps increase sales by bringing you more customers and allowing them to buy from you quickly and easily with a single account, online or in-store.

  • Sell worldwide

    Attract buyers in over 140 countries to purchase your goods and services online using their Google Wallet.Learn more

  • Convert more sales.

    A fast, convenient checkout process helps Google users convert more than shoppers who have not used Google before. Learn more

  • Protect yourself from fraud.

    The Payment Guarantee Policy protects 98% of orders on average – when an order is guaranteed, you get paid even if it results in a chargeback Learn more

Create an online store in minutes with the Google Checkout store gadget. Watch video.

About Google Checkout

  • How it works
  • Success stories
  • Costs and fees
  • Get started
  • Special offers
  • Related Google products

Learn More

Google Checkout to process orders using Google's unique checkout system. This tutorial will discuss the benefits of using Google Checkout and show you how to set up a Google Checkout payment gateway in your e- Commerce store.

What is Google Checkout?

Google Checkout is a comprehensive shopping experience that allows customers to purchase products using their Google account. Google Checkout shoppers often do Google searches for items that eventually lead to purchases that Google Checkout will process.

Benefits and limitations of Google Checkout

When you add Google Checkout as a payment method on your e- Commerce store, you can tap into Google's network of online shoppers. The benefit of using Google Checkout is that you enable Google's users to easily make purchases on your store. To learn more about Google Checkout, including the fees associated with this service, please visit Google Checkout.

When customers use Google Checkout on your storefront to make a purchase, they are directed to Google Checkout's website to finalize the transaction. The customer will also use Google Checkout to select the shipping method which is passed on from your e- Commerce shipping methods. IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all shipping methods will work with Google Checkout, and Google Checkout only allows three seconds for e- Commerce to pass the shipping charge data to Google Checkout. To minimize the occurrence of timeouts in this process it is recommended that you offer no more than 5 shipping methods when using Google Checkout. This does not ensure that you will not receive timeouts but should minimize their occurrence.

Known Google Checkout Limitations

The following issues have been identified in the Google Checkout system. Please make sure you understand these limitations before implementing Google Checkout in your e- Commerce store.

  • Live Shipping Rates: As noted above Google has a maximum 3 second response time to obtain live shipping rates from e- Commerce. When using integrated shipping carriers, you will need to limit the number of shipping methods available to your customers. An exact figure cannot be determined, however, our testing show that 3-5 TOTAL shipping methods will typically work.
    If you use live shipping rates and the allowed response time is exceeded, the default shipping rate may cause the final order amount to be incorrect or allow your customer to pick an invalid shipping service. This will likely require you to contact your customer directly to resolve any issues. With AucCom release 2.1.2 we added the ability for you to specify separate default rates per shipping method for Google Checkout. These default rates allow you to protect yourself in the event of a time-out when generating Live Shipping Rates with Google Checkout.
  • Multiple Shipments: Google Checkout does not allow you to ship products to multiple addresses in a single order.
  • Multiple Warehouses: Using multiple warehouses in e- Commerce will create multiple shipments if there are items in the Cart from more than one warehouse. To allow store owners with multiple warehouses to use Google Checkout we have added logic to our Cart page which will analyze the cart contents. If there are items from multiple warehouses in the Cart the Google Checkout button will be disabled and a message will be presented to the buyer. This allows you to confidently use Google Checkout even if you have multiple warehouses.
  • Product Personalization: e- Commerce allows a user to enter customized text for a product. Google Checkout does not support this feature.
  • Product Restrictions: Some products are unacceptable for use with Google Checkout. In e Commerce, you can exclude a product from using Google Checkout. If a customer purchases an item that has been excluded, the Google Checkout button will not appear as a checkout option. For a complete list of exclusions, see Google's content policy
  • Shipping Coupons: e- Commerce shipping coupons will not work with Google Checkout. Order and Product coupons can be still be used.
  • Customer Profiles: Google's privacy policies prohibit e- Commerce from creating a user account based on the order data. This means that your customer's will not be able to return to your store and use the customer account features such as viewing order history. However, Google does provide an option for your customer to track their order within Google Checkout.
  • Credit Card authorizations: Google Checkout authorizations will expire in 7 days.
  • Duplicate Shipping Methods: If you have identically named shipping methods (duplicates) Google Checkout will fail. It is strongly recommended that you do not create duplicate shipping methods.

Add a Google Checkout Payment Gateway

Adding a Google Checkout payment gateway will allow your e-Commerce store to automatically process Google Checkout payments. To set up this payment gateway on your store, you'll first need to create a merchant account with Google Checkout.

Step 1. Create a merchant account with Google Checkout.

  • Go to Google Checkout to set up a merchant account. Please carefully review Google's terms of agreement before you set up an account. Take important note of the product restrictions when using Google Checkout to ensure that you are not in violation of the Google Checkout terms.

After completing the setup for a Google Checkout merchant account, you will need your merchant ID and merchant key to complete Step 2. To locate these values, sign in to your Google Checkout merchant account, go to the Settings tab, and then click the Integration menu item. Your ID and key will be listed to the right. While you are viewing your Google Checkout integration settings, also be sure that you check the option to only accept signed XML carts. You will provide the correct value for the API callback URL later in this tutorial.

Step 2. Add a Google Checkout payment gateway.

  • Log in to your e- Commerce administration.
  • Go to Store Payments.
  • Click on the Add Gateway button.
  • Click on the Set up Google Checkout link.
  • Locate the Callback URL field and copy it. You'll need this URL in Step 3.
  • Merchant ID: Type in your Google Checkout merchant ID (see Step 1 for details).
  • Merchant Key: Type in your Google Checkout merchant key (see Step 1 for details).
  • Expiration Minutes: Enter in the number of minutes after which the Google Cart expires. The default is set to 30 minutes.
  • Default Ship Rate: Enter in the default value of the shipping rate that is used if the merchant calculated shipping fails. The default is zero. NOTE: The Default Ship Rate value will be applied to all shipping methods that do not have a specific per method default rate set in the event that merchant calculated shipping fails. To protect yourself set the Default Ship Rate to a value which will cover your shipping costs in most (if not all) instances.
  • Check the Enable Google Checkout button.

Step 3. Configure Google Checkout.

  • Log in to your Google Checkout merchant account.
  • Click on the Settings menu item.
  • Click on the Integration link in the left column.
  • Check the box for Shopping Cart Post Security.
  • Enter (or paste) the Callback URL in the API Callback URL field. This is the URL that you copied in Step 2.
  • Choose XML for the Callback Method. Note that this option will not appear until you enter a value in the API Callback URL field.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Next, click on the Preferences link in the left column.
  • Find the Order Processing option and choose the "Automatically authorize the buyer's credit card for the full amount of the order" option if you want to the order to be authorized but not immediately captured. We recommend this order processing method as it is a better practice in handling orders in the case when shipping methods are not returned to Google Checkout.
  • Click the Save Preferences button to finish.

The Google Checkout configuration is now complete.

Sagepay Payment Gateway Integration

Get more than you pay for with Sage Pay

Security and service is at the heart of our business so that you can depend on us for fast, secure and reliable payments.

Our promise to you:

  • Quick and secure movement of your money
  • The highest level of card data security (we're PCI DSS Level 1 compliant)
  • Tools that make managing and reconciling your payments easy
  • Minimised transaction costs
  • 24/7 payment system monitoring
  • Essential fraud prevention tools
  • Simple and flexible integration
  • Full trained UK-based experts available 24/7
  • Comprehensive online support

Comprehensive, easy to use payment gateway

Process payments securely online and over the phone with streamlined integration to your website or e-commerce platform. No contracts or hidden fees.
Features included as standard:

  • 1000 online and phone transactions per quarter
  • Free 24/7 UK-based telephone advice & support
  • Free advanced fraud screening and prevention tools
  • Free PayPal integration
  • Free personalised payment pages
  • Flexible payment processing options ? Accept all types of payments online, by phone and via mail order
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Easy integration process ? Choose from 4 integration options for your ecommerce site (form, server, server & inframe or direct integration)
  • Live reporting ? Easy to use online management tools
  • Real-time payment authorisation

Pricing overview

Number of transactions (per quarter)Price
0 - 1000?25 per month
1000 + 10p/transaction (Minimum of £25 per month)

No set-up fees, percentage fees or annual charges

Apply online now or call 0845 111 44 66

Get even more

  • Merchant services: Reduce transaction charges and monthly fees by choosing a Sage Pay merchant account
  • Priority service: Fast-track your Sage Pay 'support' beyond standard with dedicated account management
  • Token System: Increase customer loyalty by improving the purchase experience of repeat customers on your website
  • Sage Software Integration: Save time by combining Sage Pay with other Sage software accounts to pay invoices securely online.

Getting started with Sage Pay

First you will need a merchant account for online payments (merchant ID) – this is not the same as your business bank account.

Find out how to get a merchant bank account

Once you have that:

  1. Apply online, call us on 0845 111 44 66 or email us.
  2. We'll notify you when your account is ready and send you set-up instructions.

Read more about what you need to apply for Sage Pay

CC avenue Payment Gateway Integration

CCAvenue is the largest Payment Gateway in India today and currently powers more than 85% of the e-commerce merchants in the country. No wonder the majority of Indian e-commerce merchants choose CCAvenue, the tried and tested payment gateway over other newbie gateways with tall claims!

Offers 100+ Payment Options like no other Payment Gateway in India.
5 Credit Cards, 50+ Debit Cards, 50+ Net Banking, 4 Cash Cards, and 2 Mobile Payments a bouquet that enables customer choice.

Caters to the ever growing mass of Indian banking, financial and tech savvy customer base.

Enhances merchant's business potential by maximizing customer reach and potential across geographies.

  • Widest Range of Payment Options
  • CCAvenue EMI option "Pay Flexiway"
  • CCAvenue Live Monitoring Pro
  • CCAvenue F.R.I.S.K.
  • CCAvenue Mobile Checkout Page
  • CCAvenue Phonepay (IVRS)
  • CCAvenue Smart Analytics
  • CCAvenue User Management
  • Free Shopping Cart
  • Supported Shopping Carts
  • Quick & Easy Integration
  • Highest Level of Security

Official Gates has years of experience in creating and implementing Payment gateway integration development Services. If you have a Payment gateway integration development project you want to get developed, feel free to contact us. You can browse detail about Our Offshore Payment gateway integration development Projects as well to see if we fit into your idea of an Offshore IT Solutions Partner.

To discuss about our Payment gateway integration development Services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on or call +91 98412 99222

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